Confession #5:  I’ve worked naked


On more than one occasion I’ve taken a call or answered an e-mail while sitting at my desk in nothing but a towel.  Clients are none the wiser, but they don’t really understand that when I wake up, I can’t go hop in the shower first thing.  My clumsy early-morning banging would wake up the house at the completely inappropriate times I tend to wake up so I tend to hop in the shower at the first break I get in the day.  That could be 9:30am, or noon, depending on my workload.  Clients have no way of knowing that, so I don’t blame them for calling me at totally reasonable hours.  I do, however enjoy a hefty laugh after hanging up, especially for some of my elite clients.

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  1. Barbara Young Barbara Young
    May 31, 2016    

    One of the perks of working from home

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