Confession #6:  Weight and Health are an Issue


Anyone who has ever griped about the “Freshman 15″ has obviously never experienced a year working from home.  My work doesn’t require me to walk up stairs, down hallways, to a parking lot, nothing.  I walk all the way to my kitchen and I’m planted there until a break happens.  When I’m pulling a heavy day, that could mean I sit still (in the worst possible posture of course, hunched over my keyboard) for 6-8 hours at a single time.

I forget to eat ALL the time.  In fact, when I first started this business, my boyfriend, for fear I would whither and die, would come into my office baring food, place it on my desk, and it STILL took me 20 minutes to notice.  For an A.D.D. kid, I really know how to focus when I need to.

Now that I’m 2 years in, my oblivious take on my weight has passed.  I see that it’s a problem and I’m taking slow strides to make it better.  I bring this up as a word of caution.  Anyone who decides to take on a job working from home needs to prioritize some sort of workout equipment into their budget.  You won’t have time to go to the gym, you won’t have the motivation to go for a walk, and you won’t get left alone long enough to jog around the block.  Find something you can do at home, regularly, that won’t take much time to get some sort of results, and work it into your work day.  It’s the only way you’ll be able to be successful and not wind up being 5’4” and weigh close to 400 pounds.  Not that I’m revealing that or anything….

Now for the other side of that coin.  If you know someone who is overweight but you don’t plan on actually being there daily to tare them away from work for a while and get them doing some sort of exercise, shut up.  We own mirrors.  We understand.  We are not blind and honestly, we’re living in our bodies that ache and huff at the slightest amount of actual work.  But coming to us and talking about how concerned you are is not only rude, it’s unproductive.  Give us suggestions for healthy recipes that don’t take much time, give us ideas for exercise that we can fit into our work day.  But please, don’t make us feel like hopeless slobs undeserving of respect and decency.  No matter how much you love someone, telling them “you really need to get your weight under control” or “you should eat better” or, lord, calling them fat and then saying “but you know I’m kidding right…”  No.  I don’t know you’re kidding and even if I did, it’s still rude.  It’s unproductive and disrespectful and just downright frustrating.


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