Confession #9:  I need approval


I admit it; I like hearing “atta-boy”.  I have no shame in that.  When I hear my clients or business partner say they’re happy about the work I’ve done for them, I smile and I’m revitalized.  In many ways, I know I need that in order to stave off the frustration of being busy and working all the time.

I have a joke with my business partner about his way of saying one word and it shattering the glass on my happiness and I’m simply not okay until I’ve righted whatever wrong I’ve made.  I call it his “soul-crushing ‘dude…’”.  When I hear that, or I hear that a client isn’t happy with the work I’ve done, I experience a manic moment, not uncommon to bipolar disorder.  I simply can’t stop until it’s right.

That’s why, in my work, I strive to turn out high-quality work that is innovative and meets my clients’ needs, whatever those may be.  Sometimes that means just baring down doing things I know how to do, or redoing a job entirely, and sometimes it means looking up training tools to learn how to do something new altogether.  It’s all in quest of the “atta-boy”.

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