Monday is patient


Welcome back from a long Memorial Day weekend!  Calendar says it’s Wednesday, hump day, the middle of the week and the first sign that the work week will end!

It lies.

The first day back to work, no matter what the calendar says, is ALWAYS going to be a Monday.  Monday is patient, it’ll wait until you come back and it’ll be right there with a happy grin, ready to deliver a healthy portion of Murphy’s Law all over your ass when you get there.

In my experience being in business for myself, a long weekend is anything BUT a good thing.  I have time to relax and disconnect from my work (read: “work on other things”), while my clients have plenty of time to come up with awesome cool things they want to do new ways to build their market.  This of course translates to an accumulation of these ideas, accompanied by the ever-loathsome “can we….” or “could we try….” that ultimately ends in me staring blankly at my computer screen drooling wondering “should we….” and “how in the hell are we going to……wait….am I going to…..”.  Package that with waking up at a totally irresponsible hour because I want to get a jump start on anything I can, sprinkle in some prior engagements, and you’ve got a recipe for one spectacular Monday.

Yesterday the calendar said it was Tuesday.  The fact that my blog crashed (temporarily), my business partner walked out to his car to find his window smashed in, I got booted out of a teleconference while I was being talked to (and expected to answer), and even my quietest client needing something hefty done on their website….all prove that was a lie.  It was a Monday wrapped in a pretty Tuesday mask.

Today sealed it.  As I mentioned, the business partner was indisposed yesterday dealing with the ramifications that come with someone deciding to let themselves into your car by smashing the window all over the passenger seat.  So that means all of his work that had accrued over the three day weekend rolled over to today.

It started well enough, got an early start learning new things on, sent the bf to go pick up a friend to go fishing in our pond, shipped mom off to work (begrudgingly), and got down to business sorting out the messes online.  It didn’t take long before I realized, this wasn’t going to be good.

Let me pause and discuss one facet of what we do.  I’m the web guy, I do web things.  My business partner is brilliant marketer who specializes in social media and e-mail marketing.  Together, we form a dynamic duo of web marketing that, at least for now, seems to be relatively successful.  That all hinges on a few things though.  We sometimes have to rely on third-party services for certain things, especially mass mail delivery.  We’ve vetted out various ones and have our favorites, but sometimes our clients show up and for whatever reason we can’t use those and have to “make do” with what they’ve got.

Today’s client is running in the June 7th primary happening in 6 days.  So naturally we’re gearing up for a push right into the election, preparing content and such, all with the assumption that the third-party tools we’re using will be ready to go when we’re ready for them.

Now, I’m not going to name names or get into specifics, but today’s issue goes way beyond “oops” and well into “really!?”.  Not only did I have to edit DNS records to a website I don’t control and change them to something the host wouldn’t allow (had to call to get THAT sorted), but then I had to customize the theme inside their theme editor to do something they required, but nobody that doesn’t know how to code could have done…..

And then there’s this:


That’s the code editor they provide.  Now, I could have copied and pasted the code and done it in my own code editor and been alright, but silly me thought this wouldn’t take but a second.  I did my thing and was going about it alright, but then I made a mistake (hey…it happens….) and pressed the backspace.  When I looked back at my screen, I had no idea what was going on.  The cursor marker was 1 character to the right of the actual character I was editing O_O.  Imagine trying to paste something and where you click to paste is actually one character space to the right.  Small problem in a word document, BIG problem in a code block.  How does that even happen?  Monday.  That’s how.  (okay….back to real words)

So, after multiple phone calls across the US and e-mails back and forth, I was getting angry.  The poor surfer dude getting paid $9 an hour to answer scripted answers to technology-related questions….poor guy….the scripts he had didn’t cover the problem I was having.  I genuinely felt a little bad for saying “okay….I’m getting tired of ‘umm’….just tell me what I need to do and let’s move on”, but seriously umm if you don’t umm have umm the answer umm that I need umm WHY AM I TALKING TO YOU!?  He finally forwarded me along to the next tier and, for some strange reason, they chose to e-mail instead of call…..oops?  >_>

I’ll be going to bed tonight knowing full well that I’m waking up to a sea of “umm” when they realize I’ve done exactly what they told me to do and it’s time they just flip their switch and let me go on about my day, but at least I know I did my due diligence.

Even now as I look at my computer screen, the calendar says “Wednesday”….but I know it lies….this day had Monday written all over it.

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